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disappointing upcounty hospital decision

Holy Cross Hospital, Silver Spring, MD

Holy Cross probably wins out over Shady Grove to build hospital in Upper Montgomery County. Or at least that will be the recommendation to the full committee. Here’s the Gazette’s version. And the Washington Post story.

Adventist HealthCare wrote about this disappointing decision in facebook:

We are very disappointed in a recommendation against our new hospital and medical campus in Clarksburg. The Reviewer recommended a proposal by Holy Cross Hospital. Despite the recommendation that our proposal for a hospital in Clarksburg be denied, we are undeterred. Stay tuned as we continue to press for approval of the Clarksburg project.

Let us look at this press release and subsequent recommendation to the full committee as a floating of a political air balloon. See what reaction there is. Otherwise, why not have the committee just talk in private?

So there is always a chance for this to go the other way, where Adventist HealthCare wins out.


hospital decision not an emergency

Kitten image from Little Seneca Animal Hospital website, the only hospital Germantown needs.

Now the powers that be say the decision of a hospital being built by Holy Cross Hospital or Adventist HealthCare is being put off until right before Christmas.

Check the details at Washington Business Journal.

Ho Ho Ho!!!

Addendum: The commission is now saying that in needs until some time in January to make a decision.

neither proposed hospital would be affordable

A Maryland commission found that respective hospitals proposed by Adventist HealthCare and Holy Cross would just be too expensive for their founders.  Here is the Gazette’s report on the whole mess.

Washington Business Journal reports on the hospitals’ responses.

Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring

new hospital in Clarksburg? maybe.

image: city-data.com

Adventist Healthcare’s proposal for a healthcare facility in the upcounty community of Clarksburg seems smarter than Holy Cross’ proposal in Germantown.

Clarksburg is one of the northernmost communities in Montgomery County, south of Frederick. A choice of this area makes more sense than building a hospital in Germantown. The latter already has easy access to Shady Grove hospital, and its own ER.

The Clarksburg facility would be part of a medical campus. Adventist Healthcare has not yet filed for a Certificate of Need for the hospital with the Maryland Health Care Commission.

Holy Cross Hospital recently revealed plans to build a hospital in Germantown, near Montgomery College. That idea seemed strange for an area that really doesn’t need a hospital. And Holy Cross seemed to be reaching out of its basic service area to build a facility in upcounty.

But everything, even in hospital construction, has to do with money. Holy Cross is reaching for the health care dollars in fertile ground. It’s just that Germantown is almost overserved as is. (Even hospitals owned by the Catholic Church have to pay the bills.)

Any hospital takes a long time to get approval and actual construction.

Clarksburg has been in the news lately for its fantastic residential growth and new homes built slightly outside of building specifications.

medical clinic for financially needy opens

Shady Grove Adventist Medical Center, 19735 Germantown Rd, across from EuroMotorcars

Shady Grove Adventist Medical Center 19735 Germantown Rd.

As of September 2nd, upper Montgomery County residents without health insurance have access to free health care with the opening of the MobileMed Upcounty Care Clinic in Germantown.

The 3,000-square-foot clinic will provide primary care to residents of upper Montgomery who are uninsured or otherwise cannot afford to pay for medical care. The services will be free or discounted, depending on each patient’s ability to pay.

The clinic is in the new Shady Grove Adventist Medical Center on Germantown Rd., across from the EuroMotorcars dealership.

In 2000, Shady Grove Adventist Hospital supported the opening of the Mercy Health Clinic in Germantown.  Last year, the Mercy Clinic moved from Germantown to a larger space in another location.  Shady Grove Hospital continues to financially support the activities of the Mercy Clinic.  After the clinic moved, leaders from Shady Grove and MobileMed immediately began discussions to create a new primary care clinic in Germantown.

With the Germantown facility, the name MobileMed sounds like the clinic is located in a van. No, their clinic is located in a regular medical building. However, Mobile Medical Care, Inc. does indeed have some of their 23 Montgomery County sites in fully equipped mobile medical vans. These fully equipped vehicles provide access to health care where there is no space available for a clinic in a building.

Officials said they expect that the clinic will serve more than 1,000 residents during its first year of operation.

men: can live with ’em, can’t…

I’m watching an old copy of the movie Love Story. Oliver Barrett, estranged from his wealthy father, wants to take care of Jenny, his wife, who is dying of leukemia. Oliver is strong, and even goes to his father who he hates and asks for money to pay for medical bills. He wants to be strong and help his wife.

But men don’t really take care of themselves very well. They may actually be afraid when it comes to having cancer (or some other fatal illness) themselves. If they can, they’d rather not go and get that annual exam.

What they don’t know can’t hurt them.

And perhaps getting an exam is a sign of weakness. Who knows. Anyway, more focus is being placed these days on men (and women) getting routine exams.

Shady Grove Hospital in Rockville, convenient to the Krispy Kreme Donuts. Ironic.

Shady Grove Hospital in Rockville, convenient to the Krispy Kreme Donuts. Ironic.

Shady Grove Adventist Hospital’s first annual MEN‘s health education and screening event will provide education and free health screening for men.

Shady Grove Adventist Hospital
Wednesday, September 24, 2008
5:00 – 8:00 p.m.

The event is intended to help men (and the women in their lives) understand health risks, screening options and treatments, particularly related to colon cancer, prostate cancer and heart disease. Experts on cancer heart disease can discuss risk factors, screening tools and other health information for men.

Just a shameless excuse to include this pic, ok?

Maybe he'll get checked for the ones he loves.