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disappointing upcounty hospital decision

Holy Cross Hospital, Silver Spring, MD

Holy Cross probably wins out over Shady Grove to build hospital in Upper Montgomery County. Or at least that will be the recommendation to the full committee. Here’s the Gazette’s version. And the Washington Post story.

Adventist HealthCare wrote about this disappointing decision in facebook:

We are very disappointed in a recommendation against our new hospital and medical campus in Clarksburg. The Reviewer recommended a proposal by Holy Cross Hospital. Despite the recommendation that our proposal for a hospital in Clarksburg be denied, we are undeterred. Stay tuned as we continue to press for approval of the Clarksburg project.

Let us look at this press release and subsequent recommendation to the full committee as a floating of a political air balloon. See what reaction there is. Otherwise, why not have the committee just talk in private?

So there is always a chance for this to go the other way, where Adventist HealthCare wins out.


august 1: montgomery college bans smoking…even outside

School braces itself for any student reactions.

How ’bout innovating a Starbucks?

The Gazette keeps track of Montgomery College construction. With all this innovation and incubation, you think things would move quicker. That’s ok. First you build the roads. Then you build the calorie replenishment facilities. We still only have a single Burger King across the street.

Community colleges get no respect.

Town Center Starbucks up the street. Too far away from the campus.