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disappointing upcounty hospital decision

Holy Cross Hospital, Silver Spring, MD

Holy Cross probably wins out over Shady Grove to build hospital in Upper Montgomery County. Or at least that will be the recommendation to the full committee. Here’s the Gazette’s version. And the Washington Post story.

Adventist HealthCare wrote about this disappointing decision in facebook:

We are very disappointed in a recommendation against our new hospital and medical campus in Clarksburg. The Reviewer recommended a proposal by Holy Cross Hospital. Despite the recommendation that our proposal for a hospital in Clarksburg be denied, we are undeterred. Stay tuned as we continue to press for approval of the Clarksburg project.

Let us look at this press release and subsequent recommendation to the full committee as a floating of a political air balloon. See what reaction there is. Otherwise, why not have the committee just talk in private?

So there is always a chance for this to go the other way, where Adventist HealthCare wins out.


neither proposed hospital would be affordable

A Maryland commission found that respective hospitals proposed by Adventist HealthCare and Holy Cross would just be too expensive for their founders.  Here is the Gazette’s report on the whole mess.

Washington Business Journal reports on the hospitals’ responses.

Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring

whichever hospital gives abortions, wins

With Catholic hospitals, abortions are a no-no.

Pro-choice advocates are voting (at least spiritually!) against Holy Cross Hospital building a new upcounty hospital (in Germantown). Being a Catholic hospital (a member of Trinity Health), they would oppose elective abortions and sterilizations. And they would probably frown upon running in the halls.

In the Gazette’s piece, they stay away from the abortion word, not mentioning it until paragraph four. But in this discussion, abortion is what its all about. We’ll see if abortion with regards to building a new local hospital has legs.

Adventist Healthcare (think Shady Grove Hospital), so far my favorite, is the other group wanting to build an upcounty hospital.

Anyway, despite this piece, I hope abortion doesn’t enter into things too much. I don’t really think of Adventist as being pro-choice or pro-life. I just think of them as offering health care.

new hospital in Clarksburg? maybe.

image: city-data.com

Adventist Healthcare’s proposal for a healthcare facility in the upcounty community of Clarksburg seems smarter than Holy Cross’ proposal in Germantown.

Clarksburg is one of the northernmost communities in Montgomery County, south of Frederick. A choice of this area makes more sense than building a hospital in Germantown. The latter already has easy access to Shady Grove hospital, and its own ER.

The Clarksburg facility would be part of a medical campus. Adventist Healthcare has not yet filed for a Certificate of Need for the hospital with the Maryland Health Care Commission.

Holy Cross Hospital recently revealed plans to build a hospital in Germantown, near Montgomery College. That idea seemed strange for an area that really doesn’t need a hospital. And Holy Cross seemed to be reaching out of its basic service area to build a facility in upcounty.

But everything, even in hospital construction, has to do with money. Holy Cross is reaching for the health care dollars in fertile ground. It’s just that Germantown is almost overserved as is. (Even hospitals owned by the Catholic Church have to pay the bills.)

Any hospital takes a long time to get approval and actual construction.

Clarksburg has been in the news lately for its fantastic residential growth and new homes built slightly outside of building specifications.

holy cross prays for a miracle

Holy Cross may need some divine intervention to build this hospital.
Holy Cross may be asked to justify why they are going out of their service area to basically compete with Shady Grove Hospital and its new freestanding ER.

Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring. One of the oldest hospitals around.

Holy Cross Hospital, which announced plans in August to build a new hospital in Germantown and expand its existing Silver Spring facility, said both projects will cost around $476 million.

The second-largest hospital in Maryland, Holy Cross just filed two applications for Certificates of Need with the Maryland Health Care Commission (MHHC) that outline details of the two endeavors.

Holy Cross may be asked to justify to the MHHC why they are going out of their service area to basically compete with Shady Grove Hospital and its new freestanding ER. The reason is probably because they are facing too much hospital bed competition down in Silver Spring.

A hospital has to bring in the cash to remain viable. One plan is to construct/convert more private rooms. The Germantown facility should have more than the usual single rooms.

Insurance companies don’t want to pay for private rooms when it is safe to place a patient in a semi-private one. But patients with money who don’t want to listen to a hacking and moaning roommate next to them will be willing to shell out the extra cash out-of-pocket to have peace and tranquility while they’re ill.

Increasing the number of private rooms is the latest thing for cash strapped hospitals.

From the latest Gazette:

Hospital CEO and President Kevin Sexton said in a recent interview that moving to private rooms would help prevent the spread of diseases and also make better use of hospital space since often single patients have to be put into double rooms.

“We understand the urgency of ensuring access to quality health care to a rapidly growing and aging population, and we intend to do everything necessary to move our projects ahead to meet these extraordinary demands on the health care system,” Sexton said.

I have to think, in my opinion, that Sexton is leaving something out here. I am sure Holy Cross is concerned with the spread of disease. Hospitals are known to make you sicker than when you checked in. But they are also concerned with the bottom line. Holy Cross probably needs more money. Another facility, more private rooms, might just be the answer.

Perhaps a better locale would be Urbana, Clarksburg, or Damascus.

hospital is crap, burger king is king

I can’t say it better than the Gazette. But having a Holy Cross spin off hospital built near Montgomery College-Germantown may not be too easy.

Who thought it would be?

Rollin Stanley, the county’s planning director, feels the land would be more suitable for a Burger King. This planner needs to learn the landscape. Everyone knows there’s already a Burger King right across the street. Maybe he said Burger King because it was on the tip of his tongue. So to speak.

Maybe Chik-fil-A or Taco Bell would be a better plan.

Rollin Stanley, on the job, but not this job.

Rollin Stanley, on the job, but not this job.

Apparently, this is not the first time that Stanley first used the C-word whilst on the job. Here’s another:

When the audience had been bludgeoned with the point that St. Louis “was crap,” as Stanley concisely summed up the state of the city…

That was when he was City Planner of St Louis. And he felt the city was, well, you know.

The Riverfront Times (of St. Louis) wrote about Stanley as he started working in their city:

“How could Stanley, a man with an international reputation as a progressive urbanist, land in the Lou, a place where city planning the past five decades seems to have boiled down to on which side of the McDonald’s to put the drive-thru?

It is a known fact that if you hang around the St. Louis arch too much, it influences you.

Hopefully St. Louis didn’t unduly point Stanley towards the golden arches, and other drive-thru obsessions. We in Germantown just won’t have it. We have to have at least an Applebee’s, maybe a Ruby Tuesday or Ledo Pizza.

In pasts jobs people spoke about Rollin Stanley as being a flamboyant person who likes to say things to get attention. To grab you when he’s trying to make a point.

In Toronto Stanley had a rap for speaking his mind and for being unafraid to clash with adversaries…a  Toronto-based development planner who often worked on building proposals with Stanley says, “When you got Rollin, you were pleased, because you knew you weren’t going to get any bullshit.”

In this same piece he is known as “ballsy” and abrasive, but someone who gets the job done.

In 2007 Montgomery County created this bio of Stanley.

adventist healthcare: bring me your poor, your uninsured…

Adventist HealthCare has disclosed that it will open two clinics for the uninsured in Germantown. The prenatal clinic is merely being moved from Rockville. There will also be a brand new primary care clinic.

Last fall, Adventist HealthCare opened a primary-care center in Silver Spring in conjunction with Mary’s Center, a nonprofit organization that focuses on immigrant mothers and children. Last year, Adventist bought 49 acres for a new facility about six miles north of Washington Adventist Hospital’s current location.

As their website states, Adventist HealthCare is a non-profit organization whose assets are owned by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, a worldwide Protestant denomination based in Silver Spring, Maryland.

first hospital in Montgomery County

Washington Adventist Hospital: in 1907 the first hospital in Montgomery County

These days, when you mention the Adventist hospitals, you have to compare them with Holy Cross. (Just a little friendly rivalry, you see.) Holy Cross states that they were founded in 1963 by the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Cross. Today Holy Cross Hospital is a 454-bed, not-for-profit, faith-based and mission-driven teaching hospital.