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disappointing upcounty hospital decision

Holy Cross Hospital, Silver Spring, MD

Holy Cross probably wins out over Shady Grove to build hospital in Upper Montgomery County. Or at least that will be the recommendation to the full committee. Here’s the Gazette’s version. And the Washington Post story.

Adventist HealthCare wrote about this disappointing decision in facebook:

We are very disappointed in a recommendation against our new hospital and medical campus in Clarksburg. The Reviewer recommended a proposal by Holy Cross Hospital. Despite the recommendation that our proposal for a hospital in Clarksburg be denied, we are undeterred. Stay tuned as we continue to press for approval of the Clarksburg project.

Let us look at this press release and subsequent recommendation to the full committee as a floating of a political air balloon. See what reaction there is. Otherwise, why not have the committee just talk in private?

So there is always a chance for this to go the other way, where Adventist HealthCare wins out.


hospital decision not an emergency

Kitten image from Little Seneca Animal Hospital website, the only hospital Germantown needs.

Now the powers that be say the decision of a hospital being built by Holy Cross Hospital or Adventist HealthCare is being put off until right before Christmas.

Check the details at Washington Business Journal.

Ho Ho Ho!!!

Addendum: The commission is now saying that in needs until some time in January to make a decision.

mayor wants Adventist Healthcare to build new hospital

Clarksburg Day 2010, image thanks to upcounty.com

You are witnessing a nail being driven into the coffin of Holy Cross’s hospital-in-Germantown proposal. The opposing idea comes from Adventist Healthcare (think Shady Grove Hospital), to build a facility in the more sensible Clarksburg.

Following is a letter appearing in the Gazette Newspapers. It is written by the mayor of Gaithersburg:

Gaithersburg has a longstanding relationship with Adventist HealthCare and Shady Grove Hospital. I value the health care services they provide in this community, and I truly appreciate the collaborative manner with which Adventist addresses current and future health initiatives.

I urge the Maryland Health Care Commission to improve access to health care in upper Montgomery County by allowing the development of Adventist’s new hospital and medical campus in Clarksburg. Adventist HealthCare has done an admirable job planning for this new facility, working in a transparent manner with the community as well as local and state leaders. The Clarksburg project blends well with existing health care services, and ensures the preservation of continued, quality services at Shady Grove Hospital and the Germantown Emergency Center. The new project will extend, in a complementary and effective manner, access to quality health care for the fast-growing communities of Germantown, Damascus, Clarksburg, and Urbana.

With a strong track record of meeting the health care needs of residents in the Gaithersburg community, Adventist Health Care’s expansion into the Clarksburg area can only be of tremendous benefit to the entire region.

Sidney A. Katz, Gaithersburg

The writer is mayor of Gaithersburg.

one Holy Cross link

one Adventist HealthCare link

whichever hospital gives abortions, wins

With Catholic hospitals, abortions are a no-no.

Pro-choice advocates are voting (at least spiritually!) against Holy Cross Hospital building a new upcounty hospital (in Germantown). Being a Catholic hospital (a member of Trinity Health), they would oppose elective abortions and sterilizations. And they would probably frown upon running in the halls.

In the Gazette’s piece, they stay away from the abortion word, not mentioning it until paragraph four. But in this discussion, abortion is what its all about. We’ll see if abortion with regards to building a new local hospital has legs.

Adventist Healthcare (think Shady Grove Hospital), so far my favorite, is the other group wanting to build an upcounty hospital.

Anyway, despite this piece, I hope abortion doesn’t enter into things too much. I don’t really think of Adventist as being pro-choice or pro-life. I just think of them as offering health care.

clarksburg to become dormitory town


Clarksburg is nothing but houses.

“[Clarksburg is] fast becoming a dormitory town unless we get some employment here,” said Kathie Hulley, president of the Clarksburg Civic Association.

“It’s not even a town, it’s just houses.”

I doubted this statement when I first read it. But now I think Hulley has a point. Clarksburg doesn’t even have a descent ice cream place. Damascus, the dry town, at least has a Jimmie Cone. And Germantown has a Dairy Queen. No college town should be without a few ice cream places. And I won’t touch upon bars. And IHOPs.

Let’s face it. Clarksburg is worthless without a medical campus.

Clarksburg leaders are trying to paint a scenario that if an (Adventist HealthCare) hospital and medical campus is not built in their beloved town, all is lost. No other business will come. A field of dreams will be turned to a dust bowl.

Clarksburg residents see the Adventist Healthcare proposal as the last chance to attract a major employer, writes the Gazette.

Give me a break.

The Gazette quotes Clarksburg ombudsman Kathleen Mitchell. “Stores and restaurants depend on customers throughout the day. “Without businesses such as the hospital complex, the community will not have the economic base to support them.”

I like a hospital in Clarksburg better than a facility on the grounds of Montgomery College – Germantown. But please go back to comparing the two proposed hospitals.

And drop the pity talk. No hospital is being built to save your town. Leave saving towns for the Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns.

hospitals slug it out. billmakers want fair fight.

Two upcounty legislators are seeking to even what they see as unfair competition between Adventist HealthCare and Holy Cross Hospital over proposals for hospitals in Clarksburg and Germantown.

First Shady Grove built an ER on Germantown Rd. Then Holy Cross decided a hospital is needed just down the street.

First Shady Grove built an ER on Germantown Rd. Then Holy Cross wants to build a hospital...just down the street.

Clarksburg or Urbana would be a smarter location for Holy Cross to build a hospital. But guess what? (Shady Grove) Adventist Healthcare is already moving on that.

everyone wants to build a hospital these days

Adventist Healthcare has asked me to decide whether or not they should build a hospital in Clarksburg, Maryland. But it’s not that simple. If I like the hospital idea, they would then have to ask a hospital committee if it was ok. There’s a matter of financing. The soil has to perk. Then they’d have to see if there was a Dunkin Donuts near the site.

And the dreaded Holy Cross Hospital (operated by Trinity Health) wants to build a hospital too. I’ll advise the Adventist people to learn from Holy Cross’ mistakes. Whatever they do, come up with some really cool reasons why WE would want to have a new medical facility.

Apparently, Holy Cross did not. This bring me to my…

Worst 10 Reasons for Building a Hospital


Montgomery College's ubiquitous globe being moved to make way for Holy Cross' planned hospital.

10. Mike Knapp likes the idea.

9. We’ve planned some nice private rooms so our hospital doesn’t give you an infection.

8. We can teach nurses onsite. Cute nurses.

7. This hospital will cost $267 million dollars, have 93 beds and 5 floors, and sit on 23 acres. These are all lucky numbers for us. And no 13th floor.

6. Beats another Burger King.

5. We already filed a letter of intent.

4. We want to serve the upcounty, and they need us.

3. We see old people. Old people with money.

2. We’re going to open community clinics for the poor. You should be grateful and let us build a little hospital that will get bigger.

1. But Montgomery College doesn’t have a medical school. So what?

My vote is in.

I’m faxing a letter to Adventist right now. Or maybe just an email. It will contain three words. Tora Tora Tora!!!

That’s Japanese for Build Build Build!!!