hospital decision not an emergency

Kitten image from Little Seneca Animal Hospital website, the only hospital Germantown needs.

Now the powers that be say the decision of a hospital being built by Holy Cross Hospital or Adventist HealthCare is being put off until right before Christmas.

Check the details at Washington Business Journal.

Ho Ho Ho!!!

Addendum: The commission is now saying that in needs until some time in January to make a decision.


where to get an abortion

This is the only clinic I am aware of in Germantown, MD. (They have another location in Hyattsville.)





Nearby abortion clinics to be listed soon.

in search of glass repair

I wanted some glass repaired. The place in Gaithersburg seemed so far away. While doing a google search, I came upon a place right here in Germantown. It’s called Window and Glass Repair, according to Google Maps. I click on the website link. I am taken to a company with a morphed name, Diamond Window and Glass Repair at 13257 Wonderland Way, Suite 102, Germantown.

I am going out anyway, so I thought I would pop over there. Sometimes I like to talk to people in person. (Usually not.) But I had more than one glass issue.

To make a long story short, there were apartments there, not storefronts. Thinking the “suite” is 200 for some reason, I can’t find 200. But there is a 102, I recall later. I am kind of annoyed because the website lists the address as if I can stop by.

I call the guy, and just a machine answers with the company name. I call right back to listen to the message again. A guy answers. I ask him if he is in the mall. (Just to see what he says.) No, he says. He just has an office, but no store. Office my ass. He meant home-office. Just a creepy apartment with a file cabinet and phone.

I move on to my next glass place, Gaithersburg Glass Company. I think they actually have a storefront. But this time I will ask first.

P.S. There are many people who live in apartments and do trade work and live in Germantown. But they don’t put up a website and list their apartment as the address, then lie when you call them.

When someone is in a storefront, a brick and mortar, I may have never been there before, but I tend to think he is going to be around. Even if that is a silly assumption.

update: the man who would love altar boys

Cote as a boy-magnet (NY Daily News)

Aaron Cote, Catholic priest, is supposed to be receiving counseling as part of his probation for Germantown priest – altar boy interactions. He is not. But he has an excuse. The Gazette tells the story well.

Fortunately Cote will probably end up being counseled by some Montgomery County clinic, per court instruction. But that hasn’t happened yet.

Cote had established a life in Manhattan, the home of his religious order. But is now residing in Gaithersburg.

In November, 2009 Cote was found guilty of showing porno to an altar boy in Germantown. He has made a few tiny indiscretions outside of Maryland. Without his mandated counseling, Cote may very well be tempted to operate as usual.

A prosecutor for the Montgomery County state’s attorney’s office when Cote was released (in 2009) warned the judge that Cote is “more likely to reoffend.” Cote then moved to Manhattan, on probation, sans counseling.

theatre comes to Germantown

blackrock center for the arts: now trying theatre?

And it is called the Upcounty Theatre.

They have their own website. And they need money.

I always thought the BlackRock Center for the Arts should have a theatre company anchored there. For now at least, this Upcounty Theatre will perform there. Their next and first performance will be The Dining Room, opening January 28, 2011. Auditions are October 2, 2010. Very exciting.

For me at least, this is cool because a theatre company will actually be performing in Germantown, not Gaithersburg or Rockville. For now, we won’t be just a collection of fast food restaurants and grocers.

We can pretend to be refined. We are going to the theatre. And hopefully drinks and dinner nearby.

Where would you like to live?

a high school team in one of the Germantowns

Germantown, Maryland

Germantown (a neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA)

Germantown, Wisconsin

Germantown, Tennessee

Germantown, Ohio

Please leave a comment below if you wish.

mayor wants Adventist Healthcare to build new hospital

Clarksburg Day 2010, image thanks to

You are witnessing a nail being driven into the coffin of Holy Cross’s hospital-in-Germantown proposal. The opposing idea comes from Adventist Healthcare (think Shady Grove Hospital), to build a facility in the more sensible Clarksburg.

Following is a letter appearing in the Gazette Newspapers. It is written by the mayor of Gaithersburg:

Gaithersburg has a longstanding relationship with Adventist HealthCare and Shady Grove Hospital. I value the health care services they provide in this community, and I truly appreciate the collaborative manner with which Adventist addresses current and future health initiatives.

I urge the Maryland Health Care Commission to improve access to health care in upper Montgomery County by allowing the development of Adventist’s new hospital and medical campus in Clarksburg. Adventist HealthCare has done an admirable job planning for this new facility, working in a transparent manner with the community as well as local and state leaders. The Clarksburg project blends well with existing health care services, and ensures the preservation of continued, quality services at Shady Grove Hospital and the Germantown Emergency Center. The new project will extend, in a complementary and effective manner, access to quality health care for the fast-growing communities of Germantown, Damascus, Clarksburg, and Urbana.

With a strong track record of meeting the health care needs of residents in the Gaithersburg community, Adventist Health Care’s expansion into the Clarksburg area can only be of tremendous benefit to the entire region.

Sidney A. Katz, Gaithersburg

The writer is mayor of Gaithersburg.

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