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definition of a dram

No, we’re not talking about the acronym for Dynamic RAM, but rather one that applies to liquor and the Dogfish Head Alehouse lawsuit. There seems to be some confusion as to how much a dram, as a measurement, actually is.

WTOP Radio adds to the story.


where to get an abortion

This is the only clinic I am aware of in Germantown, MD. (They have another location in Hyattsville.)





Nearby abortion clinics to be listed soon.

Where would you like to live?

a high school team in one of the Germantowns

Germantown, Maryland

Germantown (a neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA)

Germantown, Wisconsin

Germantown, Tennessee

Germantown, Ohio

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mayor wants Adventist Healthcare to build new hospital

Clarksburg Day 2010, image thanks to

You are witnessing a nail being driven into the coffin of Holy Cross’s hospital-in-Germantown proposal. The opposing idea comes from Adventist Healthcare (think Shady Grove Hospital), to build a facility in the more sensible Clarksburg.

Following is a letter appearing in the Gazette Newspapers. It is written by the mayor of Gaithersburg:

Gaithersburg has a longstanding relationship with Adventist HealthCare and Shady Grove Hospital. I value the health care services they provide in this community, and I truly appreciate the collaborative manner with which Adventist addresses current and future health initiatives.

I urge the Maryland Health Care Commission to improve access to health care in upper Montgomery County by allowing the development of Adventist’s new hospital and medical campus in Clarksburg. Adventist HealthCare has done an admirable job planning for this new facility, working in a transparent manner with the community as well as local and state leaders. The Clarksburg project blends well with existing health care services, and ensures the preservation of continued, quality services at Shady Grove Hospital and the Germantown Emergency Center. The new project will extend, in a complementary and effective manner, access to quality health care for the fast-growing communities of Germantown, Damascus, Clarksburg, and Urbana.

With a strong track record of meeting the health care needs of residents in the Gaithersburg community, Adventist Health Care’s expansion into the Clarksburg area can only be of tremendous benefit to the entire region.

Sidney A. Katz, Gaithersburg

The writer is mayor of Gaithersburg.

one Holy Cross link

one Adventist HealthCare link

to rise from the ashes

by Henry Williams

The Talon, student publication

Seneca Valley High School


This is the biggest question right now in the city of Germantown. It is time for Seneca to go from prison to paradise. The school was established in 1974 and it was the only high school in Germantown until Northwest High School was established in 1998. Seneca Valley used to be an open school when it was first built. The school had no walls and teachers hated that because it was hard to teach with all the surrounding distractions that occurred so they decided to build the walls.
There were tons of rumors about Seneca closing for remodeling and some say that Seneca was going to close down for good and Northwest and Clarksburg would absorb Seneca’s students. According to Seneca Valley principal Dennis Queen, the school will start on the rebuilding process as soon as the economy is on track and stable. The projected year range is from 2016-2018. It will take about 2 years to fully remodel Seneca Valley. During the process for remodeling the fall sports teams will have to play at another location just for one year because the building process will begin at the playing fields. When Seneca is finally remodeled, there will be no boundary changes, and everything will remain the same. Seneca is in desperate need of this new school because it is well over 30 years old and some of the school is rotting a little each day. The day Seneca is finished being remodeled will be a day long remembered.

governor chooses Germantown tree for christmas

Martin O'Malley (

Maryland’s governor and his family have picked out their Christmas tree. Governor Martin O’Malley, his wife Katie O’Malley and their children visited Butler’s Orchard in Germantown to pick out their tree.

Maryland has more than 200 tree farms statewide. The governor’s office says Maryland Christmas tree growers harvested 77,800 trees in 2007 valued at $2.4 million.  –Associated Press

No proper photos of the O’Malley family buying a tree was available. It is thought that their driver bought the tree. Just kidding.

irony: it’s nice to see a car dealer squirm

Rick Schaub, Montrose Dodge in Germantown

Rick Schaub, Montrose Dodge in Germantown

Rick Schaub, owner of Montrose Dodge in Germantown, Md., says his dealership had virtually no weekend sales even though it seems widely known that Tuesday is his last day. “The people coming in think they can get a car for $3,000 or something like that,” he says.

His dealership has about $200,000 worth of Dodge replacement parts, and he says Chrysler was willing to take back only $4,000 worth. He still has about 30 vehicles to get rid of before he switches to used car sales and repair work.

“I feel fortunate that I’m going now, quite honestly, because I don’t give Chrysler long,” he says. “They don’t have much of a chance of survival, and the guys who are left are being forced to dig their graves deeper by investing in their dealerships.”

What Rick doesn’t say is that his dealership must have been doing pretty poorly to get the ax.