in search of glass repair

I wanted some glass repaired. The place in Gaithersburg seemed so far away. While doing a google search, I came upon a place right here in Germantown. It’s called Window and Glass Repair, according to Google Maps. I click on the website link. I am taken to a company with a morphed name, Diamond Window and Glass Repair at 13257 Wonderland Way, Suite 102, Germantown.

I am going out anyway, so I thought I would pop over there. Sometimes I like to talk to people in person. (Usually not.) But I had more than one glass issue.

To make a long story short, there were apartments there, not storefronts. Thinking the “suite” is 200 for some reason, I can’t find 200. But there is a 102, I recall later. I am kind of annoyed because the website lists the address as if I can stop by.

I call the guy, and just a machine answers with the company name. I call right back to listen to the message again. A guy answers. I ask him if he is in the mall. (Just to see what he says.) No, he says. He just has an office, but no store. Office my ass. He meant home-office. Just a creepy apartment with a file cabinet and phone.

I move on to my next glass place, Gaithersburg Glass Company. I think they actually have a storefront. But this time I will ask first.

P.S. There are many people who live in apartments and do trade work and live in Germantown. But they don’t put up a website and list their apartment as the address, then lie when you call them.

When someone is in a storefront, a brick and mortar, I may have never been there before, but I tend to think he is going to be around. Even if that is a silly assumption.

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