update: the man who would love altar boys

Cote as a boy-magnet (NY Daily News)

Aaron Cote, Catholic priest, is supposed to be receiving counseling as part of his probation for Germantown priest – altar boy interactions. He is not. But he has an excuse. The Gazette tells the story well.

Fortunately Cote will probably end up being counseled by some Montgomery County clinic, per court instruction. But that hasn’t happened yet.

Cote had established a life in Manhattan, the home of his religious order. But is now residing in Gaithersburg.

In November, 2009 Cote was found guilty of showing porno to an altar boy in Germantown. He has made a few tiny indiscretions outside of Maryland. Without his mandated counseling, Cote may very well be tempted to operate as usual.

A prosecutor for the Montgomery County state’s attorney’s office when Cote was released (in 2009) warned the judge that Cote is “more likely to reoffend.” Cote then moved to Manhattan, on probation, sans counseling.


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