holy cross: we want to serve minorities, elderly, poor…of Germantown

Ari says Holy Cross wants “to serve everyone” (read minorities). And they want to serve the elderly, those hit by the flu this winter. And Ari (with his thick accent) is here to get minorities to support the hospital.

Nothing against thick accents, minorities, the elderly, the poor. But I guess that doesn’t really explain:

1. Why build another hospital? There are these populations in Silver Spring, home of Holy Cross.

2. If you want to build a hospital in the upcounty, be honest. You want money. They need another hospital up there. This is your chance to develop a new cash cow. Otherwise, Holy Cross knows squat about the upcounty. Proof: You are trying to build a hospital on a college campus, when you should be aiming further north, where there is more room for construction. And you won’t be competing with a Rockville (read: Shady Grove) hospital.

We return you to Ari, one way or the other Holy Cross’ minority representative.


2 responses to “holy cross: we want to serve minorities, elderly, poor…of Germantown

  1. More Germantown residents need to be against this plan. Developer Foulger-Pratt’s Holy Cross Hospital plan is going to be a traffic and environmental nightmare for 355 and MiddleBrook. In fact, they might get state approval and never get county land approval. They don’t have any county approval and will have a long way to go to get past the planning board.

  2. Interesting column about how a hospital is not a good idea for MC-Germantown.

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