to rise from the ashes

by Henry Williams

The Talon, student publication

Seneca Valley High School


This is the biggest question right now in the city of Germantown. It is time for Seneca to go from prison to paradise. The school was established in 1974 and it was the only high school in Germantown until Northwest High School was established in 1998. Seneca Valley used to be an open school when it was first built. The school had no walls and teachers hated that because it was hard to teach with all the surrounding distractions that occurred so they decided to build the walls.
There were tons of rumors about Seneca closing for remodeling and some say that Seneca was going to close down for good and Northwest and Clarksburg would absorb Seneca’s students. According to Seneca Valley principal Dennis Queen, the school will start on the rebuilding process as soon as the economy is on track and stable. The projected year range is from 2016-2018. It will take about 2 years to fully remodel Seneca Valley. During the process for remodeling the fall sports teams will have to play at another location just for one year because the building process will begin at the playing fields. When Seneca is finally remodeled, there will be no boundary changes, and everything will remain the same. Seneca is in desperate need of this new school because it is well over 30 years old and some of the school is rotting a little each day. The day Seneca is finished being remodeled will be a day long remembered.


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