whichever hospital gives abortions, wins

With Catholic hospitals, abortions are a no-no.

Pro-choice advocates are voting (at least spiritually!) against Holy Cross Hospital building a new upcounty hospital (in Germantown). Being a Catholic hospital (a member of Trinity Health), they would oppose elective abortions and sterilizations. And they would probably frown upon running in the halls.

In the Gazette’s piece, they stay away from the abortion word, not mentioning it until paragraph four. But in this discussion, abortion is what its all about. We’ll see if abortion with regards to building a new local hospital has legs.

Adventist Healthcare (think Shady Grove Hospital), so far my favorite, is the other group wanting to build an upcounty hospital.

Anyway, despite this piece, I hope abortion doesn’t enter into things too much. I don’t really think of Adventist as being pro-choice or pro-life. I just think of them as offering health care.


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