7/29/09: officer-involved shooting

Eliodoro, center, may be the gunshot victim

Eliodoro (center?) playing pool at the Hard Times Cafe

A Montgomery County police officer shot a local resident in front of an apartment complex at the 12200 block of Eagles Nest Court. The police responded to a 911-hangup call.

Thirty-nine-year-old Eliodoro Hernandez was the gun shot victim. It is possible that his BB-gun was mistaken for a normal handgun.

The Gazette has weighed in, as well as its parent, The Washington Post.

At times, it is almost impossible for an officer to discern if a handgun is only a BB-gun or water pistol. Our thoughts go out to the officer who killed Mr. Hernandez.


5 responses to “7/29/09: officer-involved shooting

  1. “Our thoughts go out to the officer who killed Mr. Hernandez.”

    Nice comment, good intent. But what about the family of Mr. Hernandez, the man who lost his life?

    • I don’t know what happened that night, but I think some people may be incorrectly judging the police. On the other hand, I didn’t feel like Hernandez was being incorrectly judged. So my thoughts didn’t go out to Hernandez’s family. I pictured a guy running around at 2:30 in the morning with a BB-gun in his hand. If I find out that he was defending the apartment against robbers, I’ll let you know. But in the meantime, I’m not sure that that image evoked pity or sorrow. But I did indeed felt bad for the officer. I hope next time he doesn’t have a handgun hesitation problem. –Jack

  2. el salvador family

    we will love you for ever .! god will judge this men . cuz for sure in this life they will support the sucker who killed you , but from god law this case is not close .
    we miss you .!


    just talk cus they wasn’t his family or a friend of him.

    the “police” can create it there own story .
    but you can’t say anything because you’r gone.

    we love you.!

  3. el salvador family

    wtf sorry for the fucking “officer” (or criminal for us),!!. wow c’mon
    this fucker will get more credict for what he did to him,(for them is one hispanic less here) they have them on therapy, they are in vacations , (espectively, are on paid administrative leave,) and for that its you people feel sorry about ? g . feel bad for the family members who are really heartbroke. his kids are the ones who need a therapy ,money and more .

    we will love to hear more about this big tragedy.(for us.) there are alot of questions? and no answers yet .
    and we please to the bit good officer out there not to create storys just to justify there members of the police.

    no body can judge you , only god .
    much love for you !

  4. Yes, I am the only judge of Eldoradio, and I judged that anyone stupid (drunk) enough to be running around with a gun (albeit of the BB variety) at 2:30 AM with police telling you to drop said weapon in large part deserves his fate, however unfortunate the circumstances.

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