holy cider barrel batman!!!

from davidrehunt.com

Cider Barrel on 355 in Germantown (davidrehunt.com)

This historic cider barrel may some day be relocated. Duh. Did you think it would remain in front of those new townhouses?

The Gazette wrote in 1997, “The Cider Barrel was born in the early 1920s, when the Volstead Act prohibiting alcoholic beverages was in effect. A wealthy insurance entrepreneur, Andrew Baker, capitalized on the situation by turning his Germantown apple orchard into a profitable venture.”

The Montgomery County Council has thoughts about where the barrel should go. “The sector plan recommends relocating the Cider Barrel to public property, such as the nearby police and fire site, the Upcounty Regional Services Center or along the Century Boulevard promenade. It was felt those locations would provide public access to the stand, which has very limited public access now.” Perhaps cops and firefighters will be squeezing the apples, churning out the cider.


7 responses to “holy cider barrel batman!!!

  1. Wow….holy cider barrel batman indeed. I’ve never seen such a structure!

    I think every elementary school’s front or gym doors should have a giant barrel.

  2. I lived in Germantown from 1982 to 1999 before moving to New Mexico. I went back for a visit a few years ago and was pleased to see the Cider Barrel was still around.

  3. When I lived in Mt Airy, I used to pass the Cider Barrel on my drives south. Now I live in Hawaii and we don’t have cider.

  4. I lived in Cider Barrel TPk from 1968-1977/8, as one of the few kids allowed to be grandfathered in (as there was a no kids kinda thing at that time)…It’s a shame that whole area (355/Germantown, etc.) looks nothing like it did back in the halcyon days of the 1970s… But my memories remain vivid and it really was the coolest place to be during the Fall Season…I truly miss those days and times in the Cider Barrel Trailer Park!!!

  5. Julie,

    I lived there as a kid until about 1974 or so. We probably saw each although now I don’t really have a clear memory about the other kids I knew.


  6. Gene,

    I lived in lot D-14 (or maybe it was D-15; yes, the memory is fuzzy these days). A couple of lots away, my friend Michele lived and she had a little sister named Bridgette and I think she had a little brother (but he was a young toddler, I think?). Also, in the D-Section, was a little boy named Joey and there were a brother and sister on the back row, but their trailer had burned down (I think their Dad’s name was Doug?)…and there was a couple of older kids, Willie and his sister, Wanda, but I don’t know if they actually lived in the park, or just visited. And finally, at the moment, the only other kids I can remember was actually a teenager, who had a cool set of drums and lived up near the front of the park, but I don’t remember his name at all…(but I do remember being at his trailer for some reason to visit his mother or maybe even grandmother?, and it was snail season again, so there was snails out everywhere and everyone had the Morton salt poured on their steps…

  7. As a kid, I lived in the park from 1956 through 1961. I attended 6th grade in Germantown and 7th through 10th grades in Gaithersburg. I rode the school bus to Gaithersburg. Caught it down at the highway underneath the big tree at the entrance to the park. The driver’s name was Jack Hitt. He ran a wrecker and salvage on the highway near Midway. I delivered the Grit and Washington Star newspapers to all parks from there to Midway. The cider press was located at the rear of my lot. I helped with the cider production by dumping the apples into the bend to be ground, and bottling the finished cider. My brother, Danny, and I had great times will living there. At the time that we moved I had a really good relationship with a girl maned Mildred Henry. She and her parents had lived in the park at Midway and later moved to Cider Barrel. Her mother and I worked at the little grocery story at Midway. I would like to make contact with her since I do not know her married name.

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