7/7/09: dek is dead

Dek Miller (WUSA9 News)

Dek Miller (WUSA9 News)

Dek (Edwin) Miller was 16 years old. The cause of death is currently unknown. His collapse at football practice may have been initiated by the heat and dehydration. Drug use is not being suspected.

An autopsy has been requested by the family. Dek collapsed while running sprints on Thursday, July 2nd as part of a pre-season football conditioning session. Dek had sat out last year as a result of an injury.


Dek on his facebook page

“As far as the practice is concerned, if that’s what led to his demise, we’d like to know,” said Miller’s uncle Alston Nah. “If there was somebody at the hospital who didn’t do their job, we’d like to know.  We just want answers in order to have closure.”

Northwest football parents are in the process of organizing a candlelight vigil at the school. The funeral is scheduled for  Saturday, July 11, at the Covenant United Methodist Church in Montgomery Village.

At the (NWHS football) Jaguars website, click on Dek (or Shiane). The photo in Dek’s facebook page shows an incredible sensitivity.

The name Dek is short for Dekonti, a Liberian name. It means “there is a time for everything.” And maybe this was Dek’s time.


4 responses to “7/7/09: dek is dead

  1. Man i would never think this would happen to DEK, i mean he was an athlete, he play South Germantown football also. So i mean im just in shock. Rest in Peace Dek.

  2. R.I.P Dek man you will always be remember we all will miss your presents being with us all the time on and off the field

  3. Amanda Britton

    I would have never thought that something like this could happen to Dek. He was the sweetest and so caring. Sometimes i still don’t believe that it’s true… I just wish that it wasn’t. He had goals and dreams and he was such a person. I’ll never forget you Edwin Dek Miller.

    Rest In Peace.

  4. Man Dekonti,
    I know this is late but for some reason I felt the urge to write this.
    You were great I really love you man…you were one of my favorite cousins and I looked up to you ….I Love you.
    R.I.P. Dekonti aka “ma pekin”

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