Northwest High principal booted out

Sylvia Morrison (Brookner/Gazette)

Sylvia Morrison (Brookner/Gazette)

Sylvia Morrison will be transferred elsewhere in the school system. It is claimed that this change has nothing to do with Morrison’s handling of two serious incidents at the school.

Was she the fall guy? Did she badly mess up? Or is this some type of bizarre career enhancement? Here’s a favorable  Gazette article from 2006.

Morrison is the 2006 winner of the Mark Mann Excellence and Harmony Award, given annually to one local school administrator who has shown an exceptional ability to encourage academic excellence, positive human relations and strong community outreach. This link describing the award will soon be removed by its host, Montgomery County Schools.


One response to “Northwest High principal booted out

  1. FormerNWHSparent

    She’s taking the fall appropriately. In listening to students and staff, it seems that she failed to enforce disciplinary policy with the toughest of the schools’ population, preferring to “talk to them” and then sending them back to the teachers who referred them.

    As a result, an air of permissiveness permeated the halls of Northwest, leading to more than just the two serious incidents mentioned.

    How much she is to blame (versus parents and poorly behaved studetns) is unclear, but by the end it was clear stakeholders did not trust her and her leadership was irreversibly damaged.

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