andy and barney and six deputies…


Regal Cinemas in Germantown

This summer, as last, police patrols will be stepped up in the Town Center area near the Regal movie theater. Against rapists and murderers and and gang members? Not quite.

They’ll be there to shoe away skate boarders and kids hanging around. And as Mayor Giuliano proved in New York City, they’ll be going after the small stuff as a deterrent against the big stuff.

Reading this Gazette piece on the topic makes you think Germantown is still a small town. All we need is a malt shop.


2 responses to “andy and barney and six deputies…

  1. This is dumb. I can think of at least ten other areas in Germantown that could use a heavier police presence. How about where there are break-ins, assaults, etc? The bikers/skateboards can be annoying and have scared the bejeezus out of me while I was dining outside of Moby’s, but where else are they supposed to go? Ridge Road Park isn’t exactly convenient.

  2. The police are saying they want to stop kids from “just hanging around.” What kind of nonsense is that? What are kids SUPPOSED to do during the summer? I doubt there’s any shortage of structured activities – maybe they want a place to go where someone isn’t telling them what to do, and I’d assume that the Town Square – a public facility, if I’m not mistaken – should be the place where that can happen.

    Working in Rockville I would frequently have to deal with skater kids who’d only come in for water. It was annoying yes, but you know how we solved it? A “Water For Paying Customers Only” sign. If you tell kids that they’re not welcome in Town Center, you’ll lose the ones who are actually there to spend money.

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