soccerplex athletes going to hell

A Catholic church in Darnestown, convenient to Boyds soccer games

A regular contributor to a DC weekly paper has recently touched upon an important issue. Writing regularly about Catholicism, you would think Denise Hunnell would merely cover the standard Catholic talking points.

Not this time.

Instead, Hunnell has found a controversy brewing in Boyds. There are sinners amongst the soccer players.

Hunnell preaches to soccerplex players that they should not neglect going to Mass while engaged in their sport. Or face having committed a sin.

Hunnell is like a AAA for Catholic athletes. She tells the Catholic soccer players which is the most convenient church. No need for that pesky GPS or google maps.

I’m surprised she didn’t tell them about the Germantown Panera Bread. Oh god, no more soccer players, please!


Denise Hunnell (left) and her family. (photo: Woodward/Washington Post)

I was sure when first reading her piece that this so-called Catholic Mom was a member of the Darnestown parish. No, this Martha Stewart of Catholicism has no connection to this parish. She lives in Fairfax Station and works in Burke.

I do think that the church in Darnestown would appreciate a few extra heads at Sunday Mass. Especially if the attendees drop some green in the collection basket. But I think most parish priests would rather do the old  bingo-and-a-prayer to enhance attendance and pay the bills.



One response to “soccerplex athletes going to hell

  1. Denise Hunnell often likes to point out the sins of others.

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