the secret life of beekeepers

As outlined in a local business publicationFairmont Hotel in DC has adopted 105,000 Italian honey bees. The rooftop of the resort hotel is now abuzz with three honey beehives and their residents.

beekeeperThe hotel bees were supplied from Larry & David Reece of Germantown, Maryland. The Reece family has been keeping bees for over 150 years, and are widely respected among local beekeepers. They are extremely bee-centered, rather than commercially oriented beekeepers, which explains the long-term strength and viability of their hives.

In addition, Larry Reece is a member of the Montgomery County Beekeepers Association: promoting better beekeeping.


One response to “the secret life of beekeepers

  1. Hi I HAVE ABOUT 50 BEES FLYING AROUND MY BACKYARD, They are big, Don’t see a nest. How can i get rid of them/ Thanksfor your help

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