i’ll tell them how they’re doing…maybe not

I received the following in an email from Montgomery County:

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service- Community Perception Survey

recent firehouse opening (Gazette/Brian Lewis)

recent Germantown firehouse opening (Gazette/Brian Lewis)

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service takes pride in the service we provide to you and the community.  We would like to hear from you about your perception of our services.

Please complete the following survey by checking your answer to each question.  Some questions may allow multiple answers.  Your comments are appreciated.



I’ve never seen them put out a fire. (Who has?) So I can’t judge them on that. I know they rescue citizens in medical distress, but I haven’t witnessed that either. I am sure they are great in both areas.

Here’s my point. I see that they have built a new firehouse in West Germantown (Kingsview). At around the same time, they have knocked on my door begging for contributions. And they’re at local intersections, holding out their boots, so you can throw in spare bills. Here’s my thoughts about that:

1. Doesn’t the county give them enough money for equipment and such?

2. If someone else was asking for contributions, would they need a license?

3. I feel like a heel, not giving the firefighter money as he stands on my stoop. But I resent feeling pressured to do anything by someone who surprises me when I open the door.

BTW, I appreciate the work that the Montgomery County firefighters do. And I imagine someone is forcing them to collect money like Jerry Lewis telethon workers. But I wish they’d site around the firehouse waiting for a call.

If the county doesn’t give them enough money, let a few houses burn down. If they keep colecting money and getting enough equipment, the county will just take advantage of the situation. Fire fighters will become like school teachers. Taken for granted.


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