clarksburg to become dormitory town


Clarksburg is nothing but houses.

“[Clarksburg is] fast becoming a dormitory town unless we get some employment here,” said Kathie Hulley, president of the Clarksburg Civic Association.

“It’s not even a town, it’s just houses.”

I doubted this statement when I first read it. But now I think Hulley has a point. Clarksburg doesn’t even have a descent ice cream place. Damascus, the dry town, at least has a Jimmie Cone. And Germantown has a Dairy Queen. No college town should be without a few ice cream places. And I won’t touch upon bars. And IHOPs.

Let’s face it. Clarksburg is worthless without a medical campus.

Clarksburg leaders are trying to paint a scenario that if an (Adventist HealthCare) hospital and medical campus is not built in their beloved town, all is lost. No other business will come. A field of dreams will be turned to a dust bowl.

Clarksburg residents see the Adventist Healthcare proposal as the last chance to attract a major employer, writes the Gazette.

Give me a break.

The Gazette quotes Clarksburg ombudsman Kathleen Mitchell. “Stores and restaurants depend on customers throughout the day. “Without businesses such as the hospital complex, the community will not have the economic base to support them.”

I like a hospital in Clarksburg better than a facility on the grounds of Montgomery College – Germantown. But please go back to comparing the two proposed hospitals.

And drop the pity talk. No hospital is being built to save your town. Leave saving towns for the Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns.


One response to “clarksburg to become dormitory town

  1. Ms. Mitchell has to use statements like this because no one else in the county is helping Clarksburg. As he did several years ago when there was the building height problem, Councilmember Mike Knapp is ignoring the interests of Clarksburg over the bigger voter population of Germantown. Nothing against Germantown, but it already has a wonderful arts center, library, college and several big employers (Hughes, DOE, etc. ) Clarksburg, which has nothing, has patiently waited for the medical campus, but Mr. Knapp is trying to change the planning rules to make a small hospital fit where it does not belong.

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