svhs sisters become text authors

The Hemming sisters (and authors)

The Hemming sisters (and authors) (Chris Rossi/Gazette)

Getting tired of looking after the kids, meeting for lattes at Starbucks, doing what sisters do, these grown up women have collaborated on a text for young people about notable American women. It has various names, some recognizable (eg. Nancy Pelosi), others probably not. That’s what history texts are all about. Also included is Mother Jones, labor activist. Mary Fields, freed slave, postal worker.

Entitled Women Making America, it is aimed at young people. Julie Savage, and her sister, Heidi Hemming, now live in Silver Spring. The book is self published. Having sold only 300 copies, this book needs to be picked up by some major school districts. Maybe Montgomery County has some extra stimulus money lying around. Hello?

Text is available at at least


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