will the navy fcu robber be back?


He'll probably play a round of golf afterwards... (photo: abc7 news)

Chronology of navy federal credit union robberies.

all robbed by the same person?

He has been described as in his 30s, black, medium complexion, short to medium height.

9/1/07 Germantown, baseball cap, sunglasses.

12/11/07 Germantown, baseball cap, sunglasses.

10/4/08 Rockville, baseball cap, sunglasses.

1/16/09 Springfield, VA, male, knit crew cap, glasses.

This man may have robbed Navy Federal Credit Unions outside of the DC area.

This robber appears to be getting more comfortable, and thereby more demaning, in his robberies. It is not known why he picks Navy Federal Credit Unions. (He may in fact be robbing other banks too.) It would have been more understandable to rob various banks within a smaller redius.

It’s almost as if he’s trying to make a point or send a message.

Will he be back to Germantown?


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  1. Thanks you for information.

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