oh boy — a book about boyds


Arthur Virts on left (photo: Brian Lewis/Gazette)

Stories from lifelong Boyds resident Arthur Virts and others from the community have been compiled into the book “Boyds: a Character Study.” Virts gathered together some short stories that he had recorded in his journals. His writings, spanning many years, delved into his life experiences with various characters in Boyds.

Don’t go to amazon.com for this gem. If you are interested in purchasing a copy, you can contact Ginger Gibson of the Boyds Historical Society at 301-428-0671. Leave a message if necessary. The cost is $10 dollars plus a nominal shipping fee of about $3 dollars. (For those who can drop by, there is no shipping charge.) This is beginning to sound like Boyds already. Once printing costs are covered, proceeds will go towards a scholarship for a Boyds resident.

If you don’t wish to buy a book (or even if you do), you can send a tax deductible donation to:


Historic Boyds Negro School, restored

Boyds Historical Society
P.O. Box 161
Boyds, MD 20841

Upon receipt of donations an acknowledgment will be provided for tax purposes.

For more information about Boyds, see their civic association website or wikipedia.

Here’s another book, this one about Germantown, by a local writer and historian. This one’s listed on amazon. But I’d rather call Ginger. Leave a message if necessary.


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