update: barroom brawling cop

As originally published:

The off-duty cop in question, Adam Siegelbaum, is now working a desk at a Montgomery County Police district office. Maybe he’s in charge of the coffee. Or maybe the water club. Definitely not doing the daily donut runs.

The alleged beer-bottle-strikes-head incident allegedly occurred at Germantown’s Bailey’s Pub & Grille on 11/15/08, according to the Gazette.

Per the Gazette, the initial police report read:

“Siegelbaum was off-duty at Bailey’s with other officers and a female companion. Just after midnight, a “heated argument” broke out and a male patron was being “ushered” from the bar by “four or five people” when Siegelbaum came up from behind and hit him with a bottle, according to the alleged victim.”

I have to wonder if the ushers were fellow cops. Just like in the old westerns, when a bunch of hefty gunslingers would throw someone out the door. Or through a plate glass window.

In June 2008 Siegelbaum wanted to spread the word to Maryland cops about a fundraiser. A car wash, perhaps? Maybe collecting spare change at a few intersections? Nope. The fundraiser for a fellow MCPD patrol officer killed in the line of duty was held at, you guessed it, Bailey’s..

Officer Adam Siegelbaum’s attorney states that his client asserts his innocence. Note that the attorney doesn’t state his client’s innocence. But that legal rhetoric is common.

Of course, Siegelbaum should be considered innocent. (Until proven guilty.)

An earlier Gazette piece states:

“A MySpace page belonging to a 30-year-old Adam Siegelbaum from Damascus last week read, “Whatever doesn’t destroy me makes me stronger.” It was updated over the weekend to quote Confucius: “Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.”

This may be the same Adam (front row, second from left)

Is this the same Adam Siegelbaum? Who knows. (front row, 2nd from left) (2003 Pennsylvania firearms training)

Siegelbaum, 30, is originally from Camp Hill, PA. He attended the University of Delaware, most likely until 2001, majoring in Criminal Justice.  He now lives in Damascus, on Shelldrake Ct.

Epilogue: On Tuesday, April 7th Seigelbaum was found not guilty to second degree assault charges in Montgomery County Court.  Although found legally “not guilty”, this does not mean Siegelbaum is innocent. He in fact struck a man in what he claimed was self defense.

Siegelbaum will have to face an investigation and possible sanctions at his place of employment. This type of behavior shall never be removed from his jacket. In the meantime, he should do his drinking at home.


Luke Hoffman, killed in action

There is a Facebook page, and only one, for someone named Adam Siegelbaum. Shortly after this controversy erupted, the photo was changed to a fake photo. It currently shows a photo of Luke Hoffman, a Montgomery County police officer accidentally killed on the job. At one time Hoffman shared a shift with Siegelbaum.

This is sick. What next?

I’ll tell you. Siegelbaum’s Facebook page has since been deleted.


7 responses to “update: barroom brawling cop

  1. Hows unemployment going? Get a job and stop wasting our tax dollars you tree hugging hippie!

  2. For a researcher writer I am suprised you dont have anything to show for it other then some blogs about Gtown!

  3. Where do you get your information…you don’t have a very accurate picture of what happened at Bailey’s that night…Were you there??

  4. So you’ll blog about him being accused but not about the outcome of the trial? Nice to see unbiased reporting.

  5. Hey jack, think you may have forgotten to update your story.

  6. Get a real job because you suck as a “reporter/blogger”. You speak so negatively about a situation and someone you know nothing about! I only hope that one day you are put in an impossible situation then are subsequently ridiculed and slandered the way you have done to him! Update your blog kiddo because every lawyer and defense attorney in town agreed that charges should have never even been filed. Our court (judicial) system worked, an innocent man was accused of a crime he did not commit then found not guilty, blog about that! You know, innocent until proven guilty, the foundation of our judicial system…. Maybe you should have majored in criminal justice like Siegelbaum!

  7. Looks like justice was served when they threw siegelbaum out of the police department. So now blog about how great the MCPD is and how lucky they are not to have him.

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