four thespians and a side of cancer

In just one day two theatre pieces sailed into my inbox. Within minutes of each other. I always knew that we were exposed to theatre in Montgomery County. I began to think again of how different these people are from actors on the silver screen living in Beverly Hills.

The Gazette tells of two women in one peice working on two different plays. These theatrical productions were both written by Brooklyn playwright Wendy Wasserstein. It looks like Wasserstein, who died of lymphoma in 2006, lives on in Montgomery County.

Veronica Johnston (yellow) working on a different production.

Veronica Johnston (yellow) working on a different production.

What about these two actors? Each has a secret, normal, possibly boring life during the day. Michelle Trout works at NIH, and afterwards hurries over to the Silver Spring Stage for rehearsals. Meanwhile Veronica Johnston, pounding away on her keyboard all day at the Gazette, heads over to reads lines at a Montgomery Playhouse production.


Lorraine Sampson, actress and director

Where do they get their energy after working all day? It may just be that their volunteer pursuits make life that much better.

Then I heard about Lorraine Sampson, 44, a former secretary at NIST in Gaithersburg. An actress and director at several community theatres, Sampson died on October 25 of complications from soft-tissue sarcoma.

Three dramas all in one day.


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