new hospital in Clarksburg? maybe.


Adventist Healthcare’s proposal for a healthcare facility in the upcounty community of Clarksburg seems smarter than Holy Cross’ proposal in Germantown.

Clarksburg is one of the northernmost communities in Montgomery County, south of Frederick. A choice of this area makes more sense than building a hospital in Germantown. The latter already has easy access to Shady Grove hospital, and its own ER.

The Clarksburg facility would be part of a medical campus. Adventist Healthcare has not yet filed for a Certificate of Need for the hospital with the Maryland Health Care Commission.

Holy Cross Hospital recently revealed plans to build a hospital in Germantown, near Montgomery College. That idea seemed strange for an area that really doesn’t need a hospital. And Holy Cross seemed to be reaching out of its basic service area to build a facility in upcounty.

But everything, even in hospital construction, has to do with money. Holy Cross is reaching for the health care dollars in fertile ground. It’s just that Germantown is almost overserved as is. (Even hospitals owned by the Catholic Church have to pay the bills.)

Any hospital takes a long time to get approval and actual construction.

Clarksburg has been in the news lately for its fantastic residential growth and new homes built slightly outside of building specifications.


One response to “new hospital in Clarksburg? maybe.

  1. For the 1000’s living in Germantown/Gburg, a hospital here is best. Who lives in Clarksburg anyway? Who works in Clarksburg?

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