crocked county cop’s case concludes

unrelated John Distel (file) photo

John Distel is a Montgomery County patrol officer who smacked up his take-home cruiser while drunk on May 9, 2008. He later lied to the police about the event.

Distel has received a very favorable (for him) court outcome: a ruling of probation before judgement (PBJ). To receive this sentence, he pled guilty to DUI. He received a one year probation.

It is not uncommon in Maryland for first time offenders, especially for DUI, to receive this sentence. If the probation is completed successfully, the offense will be removed from the person’s record.

This Germantown resident had been placed on 90 days administrative leave. His police powers had been restored in September, but he was not placed on patrol. Distel will have to face a routine administrative investigation. This would be to see if any police rules were brokem, and the resultant punishment, if any.

Stay tuned. But don’t hold your breath. I’m sure the county doesn’t routinely release personnel matters. Especially when no one was hurt.

The Gazette has a good piece on this matter.


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