three is soccer coach’s unlucky number

J. J. Aranguri

J. J. Aranguri

Montgomery County Police has been investigating a third incident of sexual abuse involving soccer coach Juan Jose (J. J.) Aranguri. A third victim came forward after the first two reports of abuse had been publicized. In 2007 the female victim, then 13 years old, was using Aranguri as her personal trainer at the Fitness First Health Club in Bethesda.

Aranguri was arrested on October 9th in relation to this latest situation and held on $50,000 dollar bond.

It is not known if some of the soccer parents will be collecting bail money this time.

At last count, Aranguri’s attorney is John McKenna of Greenbelt. One of his specialties is sex crimes.

4/29/09 update: The gazette reports that a September 28, 2009 trial date has been set. I assume it will be one trial for three alleged victims. The Gazette has compiled a nice chronology of events.

This Aranguri bio was found on the internet. Take it for what its worth:

Juan Jose Aranguri (JJ) is a native of Peru, South America.At 17, JJ Left his home to play with several regional clubs in Brazil, Columbia, and Cost Rica.JJ later moved to Florida where he played for the Miami Breakers and the Jacksonville Cyclones and had the privilege of fulfilling one of his childhood dreams, playing with and against Carlos Valderrama.Recently JJ moved to the DC area to be reunited with his family, where he coaches a number of youth soccer teams in Montgomery County…


3 responses to “three is soccer coach’s unlucky number

  1. At some point the parents who are bailing him out need to believe the kids coming forward?

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