hospital is crap, burger king is king

I can’t say it better than the Gazette. But having a Holy Cross spin off hospital built near Montgomery College-Germantown may not be too easy.

Who thought it would be?

Rollin Stanley, the county’s planning director, feels the land would be more suitable for a Burger King. This planner needs to learn the landscape. Everyone knows there’s already a Burger King right across the street. Maybe he said Burger King because it was on the tip of his tongue. So to speak.

Maybe Chik-fil-A or Taco Bell would be a better plan.

Rollin Stanley, on the job, but not this job.

Rollin Stanley, on the job, but not this job.

Apparently, this is not the first time that Stanley first used the C-word whilst on the job. Here’s another:

When the audience had been bludgeoned with the point that St. Louis “was crap,” as Stanley concisely summed up the state of the city…

That was when he was City Planner of St Louis. And he felt the city was, well, you know.

The Riverfront Times (of St. Louis) wrote about Stanley as he started working in their city:

“How could Stanley, a man with an international reputation as a progressive urbanist, land in the Lou, a place where city planning the past five decades seems to have boiled down to on which side of the McDonald’s to put the drive-thru?

It is a known fact that if you hang around the St. Louis arch too much, it influences you.

Hopefully St. Louis didn’t unduly point Stanley towards the golden arches, and other drive-thru obsessions. We in Germantown just won’t have it. We have to have at least an Applebee’s, maybe a Ruby Tuesday or Ledo Pizza.

In pasts jobs people spoke about Rollin Stanley as being a flamboyant person who likes to say things to get attention. To grab you when he’s trying to make a point.

In Toronto Stanley had a rap for speaking his mind and for being unafraid to clash with adversaries…a  Toronto-based development planner who often worked on building proposals with Stanley says, “When you got Rollin, you were pleased, because you knew you weren’t going to get any bullshit.”

In this same piece he is known as “ballsy” and abrasive, but someone who gets the job done.

In 2007 Montgomery County created this bio of Stanley.


One response to “hospital is crap, burger king is king

  1. There’s just a bit of sarcasm in his quote. Perhaps you are being sarcastic as well, but if not…

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