i hate montgomery playhouse…not!!!

From September 19th until October 5, Montgomery Playhouse will be presenting I Hate Hamlet.

Montgomery Playhouse is a community theater company operating out of the retirement community Asbury Methodist Village, near Lakeforest Mall. It’s kind of a weird setup. At least the residents get to see a free play once in a while. And they don’t make cell phone calls during the show.

This theater company doesn’t seem to get much attention. Maybe they don’t submit press releases to newspapers, maybe the local press doesn’t respect them. But here’s a mention in the Gazette. Amazing.

latest Montgomery Playhouse production

Here’s a cool review of the play. Thanks, guys!!! And the company has their own website.

I wish they could find a real home in some place like BlackRock. A place that screams THEATRE!!! But maybe BlackRock doesn’t have a theatre. Duh. That would help. But you get the idea.

For the latest Giathersburg stuff, see the authoritative blog for that city.


One response to “i hate montgomery playhouse…not!!!

  1. Thanks for the plug – I hope you enjoyed the show!

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