to slot or not to slot

While this is supposed to be the Germantown group, I had to incude this September 17th letter to the editor of the Gazette. It brought tears to my eyes. And i fell in love with the slots thing too.

Ike Leggett, pondering the war in Iraq. And maybe health care or social security.

Ike Leggett, getting ready to pull out of Iraq.

Apparently, Ike Leggett, Montgomery County Executive, the most powerful guy in the county, just got more powerful. Only Ike, my man, can get us out of Iraq. Ike, while you’re at it, tackle health care, social security, broken borders, and watch out for hanging chads.

Stay tuned for Leggett’s announcement at a meeting on September 22nd at Montgomery College, Germantown campus. (There, I mentioned Germantown. Phew!)


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