the little house is open

Salvadorean fast food?

la casita (translation: small house) is a new restaurant in Cloppers Mill Village (shopping center). It just opened about 2-3 weeks ago where a diner used to be a few months ago. It sits next to Cafe Mileto.

Will this little place share the same fate as the diner before it?

I haven’t eaten their food. They indicate they are a pupuseria & market. I don’t know what a pupuseria is. So I looked it up. It is a thick, hand-made corn tortilla, originally from El Salvador, that is stuffed with one or more ingredients, including cheese and refried beans.

My point is, being an older white guy, if I don’t know what kind of food this is, I will probably walk by without stopping. (At least with the diner, I was familiar with diner food, so I stopped.) This restaurant has an identity crisis. And I think it doesn’t have their built in client base around.

There will be people that will know what a pupuseria is. And some of them may stop to eat. But how many?

I am thinking of a restaurant in Langley Park named Samantha’s. They serve Salvadorean food. But half their food is Mexican. I know Mexican. That said, in the Langley Park area, there may be people that are familiar with Salvadorean food.

Will there be people in Germantown familiar with Salvadorean food? We’ll see. I imagine the Silver Spring location will always do better.

The good thing about this place is that you can get something cheap and eat it on the go. Dishes run from a single pupusa at $1.25 to a plate of camarones de tomatado (jumbo shrimp in tomato salsa) for $8.95. Samanthas can certainly not boast that they serve up cheap food on the go.

18058 Mateny Rd. 301-515-8575


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