soccer coach arrested for molesting children

On August 11th, Montgomery County Police detectives arrested Juan Jose “J. J.” Aranguri, age 46, of Rockville. Aranguri, a soccer coach at a local soccer camp, has been charged with sexual abuse of a minor and two counts of third-degree sexual offense.

J. J. Aranguri

J. J. Aranguri (photo:

A 12-year-old female student at the South America Soccer Academy, which holds practices on the grounds of the Bretton Woods Recreation Center in Germantown, reported inappropriate contact by her soccer coach. The contact occurred on July 9, 2008, after the student had developed leg cramps and the coach began to massage her legs.

J. J. Aranguri, soccer academy founder

According to The Washington Post, five days after the inappropriate contact, a detective interviewed the child. The girl then called Aranguri, who told her “he would not have sexual contact with [her] if she returned to the soccer camp.”

Such a phone call may have been used by police to bolster a case against the coach.

Aki Heydarian, general manager at Bretton Woods, said Aranguri “came across as a nice, quiet guy.”

A short, unverified bio of Aranguri on a soccer website reads:

JJ Aranguri is a native of Peru, South America….At 17 J. J. left his home to play with several regional clubs in Brazil, Columbia, and Cost Rica. J..J. later moved to Florida where he played for the Miami Breakers and the Jacksonville Cyclones and had the privilege of fulfilling one of his childhood dreams, playing with and against Carlo Valderrama….Recently J. J. moved to the DC area to reunited with his family. His goal is to give back to the game and share his passion for the wonderful game of soccer.

The soccer academy website reads:

The Program Director, J J Aranguri, is the director of South America Soccer Academy. J J is a former professional soccer player and has over 10 years experience teaching soccer. He has successfully coached highly competitive boys and girls teams in the Washington DC metro area, including State cup winners. His goal is to make each player comfortable with the ball and to share his passion for the beautiful game of soccer.

A section of the Washington Area Girls Soccer League (WAGS) website pertains to Fall 2008 tryouts for girls under 13. Those interested in the “U13 girl” team Bethesda Legacy should contact Coach Aranguri.

According to a law enforcement group in Washington State, child molesters “may seek employment or volunteer opportunities with programs involving children in the preferred victim age group for this type of offender.”

According to a blog reader, Aranguri is married, with four children.

As they say in the TV show Cops, all suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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19 responses to “soccer coach arrested for molesting children

  1. none of ur business

    ok look people i am on the bethesda legacy team right now and J.J. (that is was we call him) has never ever touched any of us girls in a weird way actually i dont think he has ever touch any of us at all (well that just me) if you guys dont know wat massaging means i tell it to you massaging is to touch, a rubbing, kneading, ect. of the part of the body as to stimulate circulation or relieve tension. and besides maybe the 12 YEAR OLD GIRl the girl probably didnt like him that much so she just said he was abusing just cause she didnt like him from wat i know J.J. didnt do anything wrong in his entire life and look I’m on the soccer team he coaches listen people would u rather believe a girl that probably just met the guy and turned out not liking him maybe cause of his accent or something or would u rather believe a girl that has been on his soccer team for 3 years be wise bout this

  2. i agree with the girl above.

    wow all you guys need to shutup
    J.J is such a good guy and would have no intentions of “sexualy assualting ” that girls. YES HE IS FREAKING LEAGAL. and for all your information, he is a father of 2 , and his wife is expecting twins, people are to quick to judge, he didnt do anything, he was just helping out a girl who had a cramp, the girl would have said no when he ofered to help the cramp. this is totalyyy unfair. Police and that dumb girl need to get their facts straight before they put anyone in jail. JJ is a very nice name. why would he mess his life up to sum stupid 12 year old. my prays go out to him his wife and his 2 kids, also the unborn ones.

    hes no a pervert, he was a coach trying to help out a girl who had a cramp…whats wrong with helping? Hes spanish, im spanish , i know him and he wouldnt ever d othat, gross. Spanish people help one another out , why would he not do anything if the girl was complaing about the cramp?

    stupid people. get your facts straight, this is unfair.

    free JJ 😦

  3. anonymous parent

    I am a parent of a son who JJ coached five years ago, and I can only say that he is a true professional who is, without question, a dedicated, extremely hard-working coach who loves to teach kids. It is absolutely outrageous that the media is exploiting this story of an ALLEGED crime that has yet to be proven. I am sure that dozens of calls were made to the detective in charge of the case expressing anger and disbelief. Anyone who knows JJ believes without a doubt that these allegations are false. He has dedicated his career to building self-esteem in his young players and, along the way, taught them excellent soccer skills and team responsibilites; doing so with 100% fairness, and with an attitude of sheer contageous positivity.
    It has been a joy getting to know JJ, his wife and children over the years. I am confident that no other child will report such allegations. JJ would never do such an egregious act, and it is heartbreaking that the media, and the Montgomery County Police Dept has potentially ruined his career. I hope a lawsuit will follow.

  4. none of ur business

    actually fyi the twins have been born for like 2 months so he has 4 children 2 boys and 2 girls


    what ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

  6. JJ is my son’s coach and you can imagine how the children admire him. I think it’s unfair that the press is publicizing all this information without investigating first. It’s incredible how people can damage the image and a whole family. He is a father of 4 children of a happy family. He has a wife and 4 chidlren. We believe in JJ and support him too. We will follow all the investigation and await the news.

  7. I`m not here to judge anybody and I`m not going to do that.
    However I didn`t like how the media approched the story and how the police didn`t do noyhing to stop them.
    I don`t know if this guy is guilty or not but as for now before we judge somebody on such bad allegations we should think about it.

  8. a victim that kept quiet

    I don’t know who this soccer coach is but, I know the law has got to protect other kids that have had someone touch them in a way that they felt was wrong!!!!! Isn’t that what were taught. I would never put that little girl down and never advise any of my friends to not tell their parents or other trusted adults if something happened. My brother was molested by his boy scout leader. No body could believe it was true. My brother was raked over the coals for a year. Everyone said he was lying and why would this guy do somethin like that to him and no one else.
    my brother quit the troop and a couple years later that same guy was caught with another kid. … now, do you want to know why I was afraid to tell anyone when some older “trustworthy” guy
    pushed himself on me. I didn’t know what to do, or who would believe me because of what happedned to my brother. All of you guys on this blog may never have experienced anything like this… maybe someday you will… out of the cleaR BLUE someone you thought you knew does something to you that you know is not right. if you told someone like this “brave” girl did … I hope you don’t get attacked for doing what you know is right. Like I said .I don’t know this guy and I wasn’t there when it happened. Were YOU? Do you think that all child molestors walk around with hard ons? do you think that they don’t single certain kids that might look vulnerable. Don’t be so naive….Please.. and all of you other kids that have had something creepy happen to you .. Don’t let these people keep you away from doing what you know is right.

  9. victim who kept quiet

    I agree with you Massimo, about the press. Cases like this need to be handled by the police. Just let the police do their job. But, Why are all the rest of you coming down on that little girl. I’m glad you other bloggers weren’t subjected to any inappropriate behavior. But, do you think just because you weren’t one of your coach’s victims that he never overstepped his bounds with anyone else? I would never condemn a young child for reporting something that happened between her and a “trustworthy” adult. I wasn’t there and neither were you! Don’t make the victim sorry for ever reporting something that she felt was wrong. I teach kids to use their brains and then their voices. If something ever happens to you that you know is wrong, use your voice and tell someone. I had something happen to me and I never told anyone because I thought no one would believe me. This “trusted” married adult didn’t go around doing this to everyone he was around. I never went back there. I wonder what happened to him. Who else did he fool? Who else did he do this to! I know, it’s hard to believe that “nice” caring men can do such a thing. Hey, how many times did we see NBC’s Predator show expose the vices of the average guy … When the “family guy,” teacher, coach, father…was caught up in a sting for on-line predators with minors.!!!!!!!!!! Trust me, Don’t be fooled. And don’t make that brave little girl be a victim twice. And parents, Please tell your children to not be afraid to tell YOU if something happened that made them feel weird …. Even if it is their “trusted coach!” About this guy …. Who knows! I don’t and YOU DON’T!

  10. I guess it would be scary if people did not come to this coach’s defense- after all he’s been around for a while.
    But, take it from me, we all live with different kinds of demons, and sometimes they do catch up with us- Sad that they may have not only caught up with MR JJ, but also with any child whom he may have harmed…Don’t be fooled!


    Hey, these guys are right! How would any of you doubters feel if your child was the one victimized?
    We hear about it, but would rather believe it doesn’t effect us…
    Let’s see you stand up and swear that nothing like this could happen then. It could and does!

  12. Hey Doug, If you’re implying that sometimes innocent people get accused for something they didn’t do … you’re right. But, Adults working with children, all have to know about inappropriate touch and behavior and not go beyond those boundaries. This was just a little girl at soccer camp, not a professional soccer player that needed physical therapy! SOMETHING IS JUST NOT RIGHT HERE. Other blogs I read from another player that had been on the Bethesda Legacy team said, J.J. “has never ever touched any of us girls in a weird way actually I don’t think he has ever touch any of us at all.” So, why would this coach that doesn’t “normally” touch girls take it upon himself to massage this little girl’s legs? Didn’t the police say that the 1st victim actually CALLED JJ and he said if she came back to camp, he wouldn’t have any SEXUAL CONTACT with her???? HELLOOO???? Any sirens going off for anybody else here????? Hey man, if a kid called me and accused me of touching her inappropriately, and it wasn’t true … I would not only think they were nuts but, I certainly would NOT invite this “delusional” girl back to my soccer camp. COME ON!!! THINK PEOPLE. If someone accuses you of doing something really bad, that you didn’t do wouldn’t you want to stay clear of them!!!!!
    Sorry, but this is way too weird.
    I’ll be interested in finding out all the facts.

  13. There have been several formal complaints made about JJ who has stated before that he’s a man who doesn’t always “play by the rules.” He’s been fired from one team as coach for verbally abusing the kids and msi was well aware that he was a coach with a problem

  14. I know this family, casually. I know the wife better than the husband, JJ. I know that the wife really loves her husband but I now wonder, knowing that there is a 18 year age difference, if he was messing with her when she was a tween/teenager herself or when did he start dating his young wife? It makes you wonder? With an 18 yr age difference, you can reasonably infer that he likes young woman. His wife recently celebrated her 28th birthday, and he is 46? Hmm?

  15. Amazing to see it in the news but these charges do not surprise me. I was playing soccer on the Elipse in DC with “JJ” around 1998 and saw him execute a spinning back elbow on Arlington County board chairman Walter Tejeda’s nose for no reason other than Walter had totally juked him on an earlier play. To this day Walter bears the classic nose ‘bump’ scar from being broken. I’ll never forget seeing all that blood pour out. Fortunately “JJ” never came back to DC to play again. Seems like he may have went back to Maryland to molest little girls.

    I always knew this guy was off-kilter, even before that incident. When I played with him back then he was old (slow) but still had great skills. I’m wicked fast, and even faster back then but my skills were never as good. Because I could beat him on speed though I took elbows to the ribs on many occasions.

    I’m not saying he’s guilty of these charges, but after seeing him behave on the field it’s a little like karmic retribution.

  16. Walter Tejada took blows from many people playing on the Ellipse because he is an arse. If JJ plays soccer roughly this has no bearing as to whether he is guilty of these crimes.

  17. I cant even begin to think how someone would really think JJ touched someone. He had me model for his soccer clothes company several times on our own time and he never Ever even tried anything like that. I spent more time around him then most soccer players and he would never ever do that. He is married to a beautiful wife and has a wonderful family. Yes JJ would stretch us all when we were sore or needed stretching. JUST AS MOST OTHER COACHES WOULD DO. Sometimes people need to stop thinking things too far. JJ was one of the best coaches I ever had and these accusations against him are just terrible.

  18. Spring 2007, I was training a few girls on a club team. I was notified by the coach of that team if I would be interested in taking over as the team skills trainer (in mid-season) of the whole team as the present team skills trainer was let go because of “innapropriate conduct”. I took over that team and eventually became their coach. I do have first hand knowledge of the “incident” against JJ from that victim’s parent’s back then and have encouraged the family to step forward and report the incident to police.. To those non-believers.. This was the “third strike” for your beloved coach. Soccer is such a small community here in Maryland that coaches do know each other. We know each other quite well, professionally.
    I ran into JJ a couple of times and told him point blank my thought’s about the incident regarding my player.. Coaches like JJ give soccer coaches and skills trainer’s an unfair reputation..

  19. Bretton Woods Employee

    I used to work at the pool. This guy would flirt with all the children in the pool. HE DID IT. He used to wear a pink speedo.

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