blackrock is impressive with new director

This Saturday, August 2, BlackRock Center for the Arts is holding what they call a Blast-Off from 5-9p. The Gazette has an expansive article about this event in their latest issue. And when you go to BlackRock’s website, right there on the main default page, they list the event along with photos.

All this is a great change from the past, when there was very little publicity, and events were difficult or impossible to find on BlackRock’s own website.

Why the change? I imagine it’s because of the new Executive Director, Charlotte Sommers. She has a love for the written word, and knows how to use it to get what she wants, or needs.

Charlotte Sommers (Naomi Brookner/Gazette)

Charlotte Sommers (photo: Naomi Brookner/Gazette)

That’s not all. They have some free stuff, to attract people to the place, and give them a taste of future stuff. And they have everything from hip hop to ballet, a variety that could only be thought of by Sommers, who has been around the DC area fine arts scene. They’re bringing Sommers out of hiding and fundraising and organizing to introduce her to the peasantry on Saturday night.

Very nice indeed.

Now if we could only keep Sommers here longer than her usual three or four years. But that may just be enough.

Comments? Suggestions? Email Ms. Sommers at


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