germantown’s woodside deli: not a deli, not in woodside, not original owners

woodside deli, germantown

woodside deli, germantown

The Woodside Deli, located in the crappy end of Germantown Commons Shopping Center, is comfy inside. It attempts to mimic, in decor and menu, midtown eateries in New York City. The help is sometimes average, sometimes diner-brusk. The food is diner food. They serve breakfast food often. The waitress willa sk you if you want more coffee, but once you get your food, you are set on EGG-NOORE.

In an attempt to imitate New York delis, they have 8×10 glossies of famous people plastered over every inch of the walls. The is where the deli thing end. The Woodside Deli is not a deli. There is no one waiting in line for a pound of ham and a pint of egg potato salad. Although I think you can get some cheesecake from one of the refrigerated cases, like some New Jersey Greek diner.

Weirdly enough, the place not owned by the people who run the mother ship in Rockville. One would think it is, since it doesn’t appear to be a regional franchise like Ledos. Woodside might be connsidered a mini-franchise. Or maybe a restaurant who sold out to get money. Who knows.

Every time I go into WD, the place is relatively packed. Being biased, I figure some of these people have been coming for years, and are merely on automatic pilot. Some must be new customers, and refuse to go to IHOP, next to IHOP.

The part-owner and bus-help today seem to be mostly Asian. This is not bad, but surprises me. It is not the Woodside of old. It is the Woodside turned into an establishment run by the only people that are willing to work 24 hours a day for little money.

IHOP and Dennys are squeezing out the Woodside Delis of Germantown.

They also have a location on Georgia Ave. in Silver Spring. They first opened their doors at a location in the Woodside area of Silver Spring, Maryland in 1947. Thus, their name’s origin.

The website for the Silver Spring location reads, “Even though the physical premises may change from time to time, we will endeavor to maintain the Woodside as it is and was in the past… a place where good people and good food meet on common ground.” However, this website only gives passing mention to the Germantown location. The two restaurants are disjointed, like two McDonalds owned by different franchisees.


2 responses to “germantown’s woodside deli: not a deli, not in woodside, not original owners

  1. Could the Woodside Deli include some photos of people of color from the time frame when the other photos on their walls were taken?
    Coming into this restaurant, one would believe that there were no famous people of color alive in the years represented by the images.
    Welcome to 2008

  2. I think the Woodside used to be owned by the same owners as the Silver Spring location and has changed hands in recent years. Maybe its not the best, but its one of the few “non-chain” options around. Its menu variety and casual atmoshphere make it a good place for family dining.
    Since “French Quarter Cafe”, my daugter’s and my favorite place for carry out disappeared, we’ll give Woodside a try.

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