your house is being monitored

Or at least your electricity, water, and gas usage. No more meter readers. No more calling the power company to tell them the electricity has gone out.

This technology is not necessarily in place at Germantown homes. But Eka Systems, the company behind this technology, finds its home here.

Some of their technology is straight out of The Jetsons.

Eka’s miniature meter nodes are composed of a circuit board, a radio, a microprocessor and memory. The nodes at neighboring homes or businesses “chatter,” relaying information to each other, creating a local area mesh network, which in turn communicates with a larger wide area network and with the utilities. “A utility can read the meter whenever it wants to read it,” said Henry Aszklar, vice president of marketing. “It doesn’t have to wait for the mobile device to drive by the home.”

Of course, this type of meter reading technology does not work well in rural areas.

Eka Systems is located on Century Blvd. They have been in the news lately after raising $18.5 million.


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