local politician is, well, eccentric

photo: Nikki Kahn, The Washington Post

Germantown resident Peter James is currently running (as a Republican) in a special election to serve out Al Wynn’s term. James is getting some ink because he’s, well, unconventional. In a Ross Perot sense, he’s either a genius or kind of nutty. And because Ron Paul likes him, James has some built in followers.


James lives in Germantown where he rents a small condo. He’s just a regular guy.

Here’s where the regular guy image ends. James doesn’t pay taxes (don’t worry, he has no income). He has no driver’s license. (Don’t worry, his wife chauffeurs him around.) But James wins over followers with cigar and wine events. Advocating a cashless society, he has tried to establish a voucher/barter system to use around Germantown. The IRS says it’s ok.

Currently James is running (as a Republican) in a special election to serve out Al Wynn’s term. He admits that if he gets some attention from all of this, he’ll be happy.

If you watch this youtube video, James turns into a normal politician. He’s going to single-handedly drag down Maryland gas prices. Stuff like that. He also says stuff like, “Most people believe that our government issues our money. This is the big lie!” Finance is one of James’s areas of interest. And he does have some sane ideas. OK, maybe not many.

Regarding pulling out of Iraq, James wants us to get out of there asap. But he doesn’t want to leave behind any equipment if it has a good resale value. Always thinking finance.


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