county reaches out to local Latino kids

The schools and police are making an effort to reach out and touch Latino kids.

While some may see these initial efforts to be token gestures, the county is headed in the opposite direction from Prince William. Over the last 10 years, Latinos have grown from 11 to 34 percent of the total student population. (I think they mean in the county as a whole.)

Efforts start at Plum Gar Community Center. More initiatives will continue during the next school year.

It is not new for Montgomery County to target a specific population. Recently, various programs have been provided for the increasing Asian and Senior population.

photo: Susan Biddle, The Washington Post

I have not read exactly how the police will be involved. As with DARE, the school/police partnership, police like to gain the trust of children by merely being around them. Montgomery County police are worried that latinos don’t trust them. Some Latinos are afraid to report crimes or help police out of concern that they will be harassed or even arrested. Gaining the trust of Latino children is an excellent idea.


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