LSSI sweeps fear over tewksbury, ma residents

Tewksbury Public Library

LSSI, or Library Systems & Services, is far from being a terrorist organization. This Germantown company manage libraries. Yes, for a profit, just like a Starbucks makes money on coffee.

But residents of a Tewksbury, MA (pop: 29,000) are terrorized by the thought that their library ‘s control may be taken away from them. (This may not be the whole truth.)

At first blush, the Tewksbury library’s trustees seem to be concerned that they would lose authority and autonomy. Will they still be able to hire and fire? Will the beloved town librarian lose her job because she’s not quick enough? Can they stock their own books? Would LSSI decide to stock Catch-22, but not Catcher in the Rye? The Lord of the Rings, but not Lord of the Flies?

Frank and Judy Pezzanite, founders of LSSI

But the real reason may be that the Trustees wouldn’t be saving any money. Many libraries want to privatize because they hope their library won’t bleed so much money.

Tewksbury, along with Dartmouth, would be the first Massachusetts communities to privatize their libraries.

LSSI is the most popular private library management company in the country. They even manage Germantown’s library. Germantown, Tennessee, that is. LSSI isn’t managing the Germantown, Maryland Library because Montgomery County isn’t going broke.

Almost, but not quite.


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