more on Newsweek ranking of high schools

Newsweek likes to rank everything, from places to retire to hospitals. Their latest ranking of high schools has gotten some press because six local high schools did well in this nationwide ranking:

32 Richard Montgomery
59 Thomas S. Wootton
63 Bethesda-Chevy Chase
68 Walt Whitman
75 Walter Johnson
96 Winston Churchill

I don’t know how these rankings were establishing. And if a high school student goes to a school with a great score, they may still dislike the school because, for example, they don’t have lacrosse as a varsity sport, or a chess team is nonexistent.

Anyway, here are the scores for the Germantown high schools:

474 Northwest
906 Seneca Valley

note: Newsweek uses the “Challenge Index”…as a way to measure the rigor of a high school academic program. The index, developed by Jay Mathews, is derived from the number of AP or IB tests taken by all students at a school divided by the number of graduating seniors. –MCPS QuickNotes


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