give until it hurts

I received a solicitation in the mail for the Germantown Fire Department. Why do they need money? I thought my county taxes paid for everything. Their website says they’re saving up to buy an ambulance. What? Montgomery County doesn’t give them enough money for an ambulance? Maybe this would be a backup one. Maybe this is like a kid asking for a toy fire truck for Christmas. They don’t really need one.

The mailing said that if I gave money I could come over to “their building” for a free 10×13 family portrait. Actually, the photo session is being held at the Hampton Inn on Goldenrod Lane.

“Once a family portrait is made, separate poses will be photographed.” They will probably entice you into buying additional photos. I assume the fire department gets a cut on the additional photos. But they don’t tell you that.

“Your generous donation will help us to continue saving lives and property here in your community.” If people don’t give, will they save less lives?

No, I won’t give. At least not to this cause. I hold the county responsible for any lost lives. Or was that just hyperbole?


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