what the heck does Qiagen do?

I keep thinking about this company as I drive past on my way to weekend shopping.

So I decided to look into what they do at Qiagen’s Germantown facility. It is difficult to discern what they do in that building, as opposed to their Valencia, CA facility. So I’ll look at some of their products in general.

First, Qiagen is an international company that is basically taking over the world and will soon be cloning humans. (What else would the do in those gigantic airplane hanger sized buildings? Slice genes? OK, I exaggerate. But Germantown is their North American headquarters. So they mus be up to something there.

Think it’s mysterious that this company with it’s world headquarters in Germany establishes a base in Germantown? Creepy. I caught on too. But you might say that Qiagen is really owned by a Dutch conglomerate.

The “campus” on Germantown Rd. has several buildings on 24 acres. The employ workers in R&D and manufacturing.

The county and state paid big bucks to get Qiagen to open their new headquarters in the state of Maryland.

From Montgomery County’s 2002 press release, it sounds as if this Germantown facility is actually owned by Montgomery County, with a little technical advice from this Qiagen. It also proves that the county knows all about run-on sentences.

So what does Qiagen do? According to their website, it is involved in “sample & assay technologies.” Oh, that explains it. According to my deep background sources, the Germantown operation manufactures and develops products for the separation, purification and handling of nucleic acids. Here’s where they make the bucks. These acids are used in DNA sequencing, genomics and drug research. These products often come in the form of a kit, with explicit instructions.

In other words, cloning.


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