after the library, come right home…

I always thought it was idiotic for Germantown Town Center merchants to expect that any noticeable number of (nearby) library patrons would go out to eat (or whatever) after visiting the Germantown Library. The reverse, going out to eat, then going to the library, is just as far fetched an expectation.

The completed Germantown Library

Nevertheless, some local merchants were angered when the library wasn’t completed on time. The French Quarter Cafe was one merchant that applied for county funds through the Impact Assistance Fund because they felt their business was hurt by the delayed library opening. (It finally opened in March, 2007.)

Now the Gazette reports hat the “new library does not boost Town Center business.”

Check and Checkmate.

Even if those coming out of the library suddenly wanted to get some comfort food at one of my favorite places, California Tortilla, how many people use the library anymore?

And what about the other Town Center anchor, BlackRock? How many people go over there, really?

Are there going to be streams of art and music affecionados hankering for some New Orleans food? Sounds good to me. But they may just as likely visit one of Germantown’s other eateries.

If California Tortilla (who also wasn’t happy with the library not opening) or the French Quarter Cafe are doing well now (and I don’t know that), it is because people like their food and atmosphere. I myself love the zany tortilla place where the clerks are very polite and the food generous. And the New Orleans restaurant has gotten good reviews.

If you wanted an anchor across the street that would give you some good traffic, you should have put a Wal-Mart there. Not a library or fine arts center. Be real. Apparently the county chose snob appeal to the detriment of business traffic.


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