The Truman err…Mike Knapp Show

Mike Knapp (County Council Prez) and Jim Carrey have various similarities. Both have a good sense of humor. Both look alike. And both (at one time or another) have had every daily movement scrutinized. Remember the movie “The Truman show”?

Jim Carrey in The Truman Show

Recently Knapp decided, in the interest of self disclosure and political correctness, to detail a typical day. Check out a good summary of how this all came about by fellow blogger Adam Pagnucco. Learning what Mike has for breakfast makes him sound like the guy next door. It makes you want to sit down with him over a bowl of corn flakes.

Typically, my day begins at 6:00 a.m. with about an hour of exercise — weight-lifting or some type aerobic activity, such as running or the elliptical trainer…

OK, don’t gawk. He’s just trying to get through his day. But if you see Mike, ask him, “Eggs or cereal this morning?”

Mike Knapp (left) listening to a constituent

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