when you have a yen for soup

My wife and I like getting Chinese food delivered. Why sit in a restaurant when you can be at home eating and watching a movie on your new big TV?

The soup, that’s why.

We searched all over to get a big bowl of soup in the dead of winter, when you want to get warm. Most Chinese restaurants would only give us an appetizer-sized bowl. Vietnamese Pho (pron. Fa) tasted too much like beef bullion in water, with a few extras thrown in.

We wanted soup as a meal. Well, they have it at the Cafe Hong Kong (as well as regular dishes). And they put so much stuff in it. I always get the soup that resembles triple delight in hot water. (Know what I mean?) My wife gets the one that is all seafood. Wow!!! Of course, I’m hungry again in about 2 hours because I had soup as a meal. All the better excuse to have ice cream later while I’m watching a movie at home.

Sometimes I get the feeling that Cafe Hong Kong garners as much (if not more) of their business from take-out. But that’s more a sign of the times. (Who goes out for pizza, after all?) I am not aware that they deliver.

Visit your own bathroom before you go to this eatery. The men’s room, at least, always smells like urine.


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